The idea 

As a mail-order-company, Radon offers very well equipped high-quality bikes at reasonable prices. But when it comes to buying a bike, many people want to rely on a local contact partner for service- and maintainance-issues. Therefore we initiated our Service-Partner-Program. The concept is unique, for everyone involved it's a win-win situation: local bike retailers, repair shops and, most important, our customers. There are more than 260 Radon Service-Partners all around europe - and the trend is rising.   

What do Service-Partners offer? 

Service-Partners can do many different things for you. When buying a new bike, you can have it shipped directly to your local Service-Partner and he will do the final assembly and the setup. All you'll have to do by yourself is picking up a ready-to-ride bicycle. And if it's time for a check-up, maintainance or a bike repair, you can take your bike to a Service-Partner of your choice.

Overview of provided services 

Radon Service-Partners are your personal contact-point for all kinds of service-, maintainance- and repair-services for your Radon Bike.   

When ordering a new Radon Bike at Bike-Discount, you can have it delivered directly to your Service-Partner. He will do the final assembly and the bike-setup, all you have to do yourself is picking up a ready-to-ride bicycle. Fee for this service: non-motorized bikes 40,– € (Switzerland 120,- CHF) and E-Bikes 60,- € (Switzerland 150 CHF).  

Your Service-Partner will offer you the first inspection of your new bike for a fixed price - depending on the type of your bike: non-motorized bikes 49,90€ (Switzlerland 130,- CHF) and E-Bikes 69,90€ (Switzerland 160,- CHF) within 4 weeks & 300km after  date of purchase. 

Maybe you want further modifications to be done to your bike? Do you have additional supply at home and you want it to be applied to your bike? You're not quite sure, what supply you need? Your Service-Partner will help you to find out which parts you need, where to get them and eventually he'll offer you to do the assembly for a small fee.   

If you don't want to order the bike yourself, your Service-Partner can even place the bike-order for you. When shipping to a Service-Partner, the final assembly won't be done at Bike-Discount - in the peak-season this will result in a faster delivery.   

In the case of warranty issues, our service department will have to decide if the repair has to be done at Bike-Discount or if you can pass on having the bike shipped back to us and your Service-Partner can do the repair.   

With the Radon Service-Partner program, you'll get the best of two worlds: high-quality bikes for a great price and local on-the-spot service. Just try it out and order your next Radon Bike to your local Service-Partner!  

More than online trading.

Become a RADON Service-Partner.

Apply now as a Service-Partner and become part of the network. If you're running a bikeshop, a repair-shop or a bike-rental, you will get new customers and become more visible.  

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