The Principle

We believe in the quality of our frames and have confidence in our years of experience in frame construction. Strong forces acting on the frame, e.g. from a severe crash or a bad landing, can cause irreparable damage that is not covered by the guarantee. Continuing to ride on a defective frame should not happen under any circumstances and can cause serious injury.


In addition to the warranty period for frames purchased after 01.05.2015, we offer our customers a 5-year (carbon frames) or a 6-year (aluminium frames) Crash Replacement extension, valid from the date of purchase. Should the frame break or become damaged in a crash etc. within this period, it can be sent back to us along with a written report of the incident. The Crash Replacement programme is valid only if the damage to the frame is a threat to safety and was not caused intentionally. Optical defects are excluded from the service.


The Crash Replacement programme is open to all original owners with a valid proof of purchase. Along with the return of the defect frame/component, a detailed description of the incident, as well as a description of the damage for inspection by our service team, is a requirement of using the programme.

Following the inspection and analysis of the frame, please get in touch with our service department so that we can advise you as quickly as possible.