UCI DH World Cup #1 - Lošinj


Radon Factory DH - World Cup 1 - Croatia The long wait has come to an end!

Last weekend we finally saw the first round of the Mercedes Benz UCI World Cup DH. Losinj, a beautiful little town in Croatia, was the host of the 2018 season kick off. The track in Losinj can be described as rocky, rocky and rocky! A real test for bike and rider. At the end of the weekend the track had been taken a lot of victims,  unfortunately also one of our team Radon Factory Team riders. The Radon Factory DH Team is back in 2018 with our German DH star Johannes Fischbach and fast frenzy Faustin Figaret.  After a winter without injuries, both riders are more than ready to get behind the bar of their RADON SWOOP 200 bikes again. With some new partners on board, like Bliss Protection, but also familiar partners like Shimano and Schwalbe, the team is ready to battle it out with the best.

As said before the track in Losinj was a hard one, during practice a lot of riders hit the deck.  Some of them, like Luic Bruni and even Claudio Calorie were taken to hospital. Our Faustin Figaret didn’t seem to have any problems with the track, and finished the first day on a solid 9th place. During qualifying Faustin rode fast, but smart, to make sure he qualified for the race, resulting in a 27th place. Fischi dropped the hammer and went full gas into his qualifying run. Which seemed to be not the best thing to do, after being in 7th after the first split Fischi crashed hard in the same turn Luic Bruni went down hard. Unfortunately he did’t qualify for the race on sunday, the good news is that he’s not injured.

On sunday all eyes where on Faustin. A decent run, gave him a 28th place. Looks like our French men is up to world cup speed. Fisch and Faustin both have some time to find those extra couple of seconds to make it into the top 10. Next World Cup race will be 03.06.18 Fort William. Before this race both riders will be at the start at the IXS Cup in Willingen and Fischi will go to Mexico for an urban DH race.
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CREDITS: Sebastian Sternemann


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