FISCHI & FAUSTIN UP TO SPEED WC #6 | Mount Sainte Anne


Mount Sainte Anne for sure delivered, what a weekend it have been for the Radon Factory DH Team. A big down with Manon not able to race due to health problems, but some big ups with a top 10 qualifying by Faustin Figaret, and a 16th place in the finals by the still injured Johannes Fischbach. 
Johannes Fischbach, who is still recovering from a shoulder injury, rode a clever and save race, with one goal...To be 100% fit and prepared for the World Champs on Cairns. After a 26th place in qualifying, Fischi is sprinting to his first top 20 of the season, a 16th place. Radon's own frenzy, Faustin Figaret, was showing some serious speed. With a 7th place during timed training and a top 10 in qualifying, proving to be one of the upcoming stars in DH. 
The team was perfect this weekend, everything was done to be one 100% prepared for saturday's finales. From suspension telemetry, to our standard after training meetings. Unfortunately you can't control the weather..Which spoiled Faustin's party on saturday. The sad news of this weekend, comes from our only female rider on the Radon Factory DH Team, Manon Carpenter.Due to health problems Manon was not able to start in Mount Sainte Anne. The team made the wise decision not to let her start. Let's hope she will we back on the bike soon. It has been a weekend with ups and downs for the team.Fischi and Faustin have shown that they can battle with the best riders in the world.Fingers crossed that luck is on our side in Val di Sole, and we can bring down a awesome finale run to show what we are capable of!

Next race: World cup #7 - Val di Sole Italy 
Photo credits: Irmo Keizer | Radon Factory DH


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