1. place for Faustin Figaret @ iXS Downhill Cup #2 Willingen


Faustin Figaret took the first win in 2018 @ EDC Willingen - congrats from the whole RADON BIKES crew! Unfortunately, Johannes Fischbach had a crash in the final run - no chance for him to get on podium this weekend.

Faustin Figaret: "More than 500 riders met this weekend at the IXS Downhill Cup in Willingen, Germany. The track was short but very complete. Indeed, the upper part consisted mainly of jumps and banked turns. Then, the track borrowed a more technical wooded part to finish with flat turns in the grass.

During trainings, I made the decision to start late to save energy and ride only on a track already formed. It took me five runs to get a good feeling and adjust the bike. My feelings were very good and it is with great pleasure that I close the first day.

The next day was the seeding run. I realized the best time thanks to a good run.

The final was held on Monday on this event since it was a bank holiday. Given the weather conditions, the start was modified to secure the upper part which was too exposed to the wind. Thanks to the placement round, I was the last rider to start. This special atmosphere succeeded me since I crossed the finish line with the best time. I won the race by 3.5 seconds.

This competition was very important for me since it allowed me to confirm my performances of the beginning of the season and my current form. It also allowed me to develop the bike on a rolling track while taking work experience with my mechanic."

Here is the link of the onboard camera of the track of this weekend which is free of sharing / crossposting: WELCOME ON BOARD # 6 - IXS DH CUP WILLINGEN:


You will also find attached photos for use with the credit: Jannis Dietrich / Radon Bikes.

The next race will be the World Cup in Fort William (Scotland) in beginning of June. Now it's time for recovery and relaxation. This will allow me to be in the best form for the month of June.


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