RAPHAELA RICHTER TAKES 6. PLACE Enduro World Series, Ireland


Raphaela Richter and her Radon Slide 160 in full action during the Enduro World Series race in Ireland. The U21 World Champion from last season, and current National Elite Champion, showed some great speed, and made many heads turn by taking a stunning 6th place in the Elite Category! The first day of practice went down under a bright blue skies, but things where about to chance...
Friday morning the sky opened, and it rained cats and dogs all morning. The once so beautiful trials turned into little rivers. "The rain didn't chance the stages much, to me it even made more fun to ride in the rain. Looking forward to tomorrows race" "at the beginning of the day i wasn't really sure if i would make al the transfer times, as i really felt my legs from 2 days of training, besides that some of the top riders were struggling to make it in time! But in the end it looks like i am pretty fit and made al the transfer times in time :)"
"I was able to race at a steady speed, if i look back at my stage results i have managed to get results between top 5 and 10, which i am very stoked about. In the end i took home a 6th place overall :)." "Thanks Radon Factory DH Team and especially Shimano, Fox and my parents for the great support during the weekend, now it's up to me to get on the box next EWS race :)."
Thumbs up for Raphaela and her Radon Slide 160, for a weekend of racing and a stunning result!

Photo credits: Ross Bell | Radon Factory DH RacingNext Enduro World Series race will take place 30th of June, Millau France, keep your eye on this Radon Youngster!


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