Last race of the UCI World Cup in Val di Sole


The downhill track is the most technical track of the season an will be the decider of the overall. With dry conditions it is going to be dusty and even harder to race. The Black Snake, as the track is called, is slightly modified since last year. A few turns have been added. How much will this effect the outcome of this race?
Johannes Fischbach is going to be the only starter for the RADON FACTORY DH team and he qualified 34th.

Make sure to tune in live on SATURDAY 26th August 13:00 only here.

Everything is cut and dried in the XC world cup. Nino Schurter and Yana Belomoina have won the overall, but the RADON FACTORY XC Team will be on the hunt for more medals this year. Mathias Flückiger is hungry for the win and Alessandra Keller and Kathrin Stirnemann were up to speed all season long.

The race is on SUNDAY 27th August 12:00 only here.


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