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Inclusa l'IVA italiana (22%) Spedizione Calcola rata

Our DEFT 9.0 750 has what it takes to become a bestseller - everything you need for extended trail adventures is on board! It starts with the latest generation Bosch Performance CX motor including Smart System. With its massive 85Nm of torque and up to 340% pedalling assistance, the CX easily takes you to the top of the mountain, with the four riding modes you can determine the speed and enjoy real uphill flow. And this can last for quite a while, because the large 750Wh Powertube battery has plenty of capacity to take you to the next summit if you are eager to explore. All conceivable key and performance data can be found on the Kiox 300 display, which sits centrally in front of you next to the stem and is easy to read. The basis for trail enjoyment is the newly developed DEFT carbon frame, which accommodates the large battery on a rail in its down tube and at the same time keeps all cables neatly tidy. A service flap, held in place by a plastic strap, allows you to remove the battery at any time to replace it or charge it externally. Of course, the charging process can also be carried out directly on the bike; the charging socket is located on the side of the seat tube and is protected from dirt by a crescent-shaped, swivelling cap. At the head tube, all cables run directly over the cover cap of the Acros headset into the frame, which thus no longer has any cable inlets and thus has an extremely clean look. In addition, the lower Acros Block Lock bearing shell prevents the fork crown or handlebar from hitting the frame in the event of a crash. Visually, the DEFT frame is based on the well-known RENDER, but stands out visually thanks to the distinctive wing between the top tube and down tube. The wing is also the upper shock mount for the brand new Fox Float X Performance Elite shock, which provides super-sensitive 170mm travel. The sublime suspension is completed at the front by the Fox 38 in the Performance Elite FIT GRIP2 variant, which responds sensitively, but is still nice and high in the travel in tricky situations and keeps you from feeling uncomfortable. The shifting group is supplied by SRAM and provides a wide range of gears with Eagle technology, the large cassette with 10-52 teeth lets you climb every summit and still provides the right gear for the descent. When it's time to go downhill, Magura's MT5 four-piston brake is a faithful partner that bites hard, but can still be used with fine control. The MT5 is supported by the RaceFace Turbine R cockpit, which is short, wide and ergonomically shaped. The mechanical RADON dropper post with 150mm stroke guarantees plenty of legroom in technical, steep trail sections and can be operated comfortably from the handlebar. Partly responsible for the low weight of the DEFT 9.0 750 are the SUNringlé Düroc SD37 Expert wheels, which are both light and solid - steel axles and rotor are specially designed for the forces of ebikes. For maximum grip, we specify Maxxis' combination of Assegai in the front and Minion DHR in the rear, both with grippy rubber compound and the Exo+ casing for great puncture protection. DEFT 9.0 750 has what you need!

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Bosch Performance Line CX Motor 4th generation

Bosch Kiox 300 - the smart system

Fox 38 Performance Elite FIT GRIP2 fork

Fox Float X Performance Elite 2-Pos. EVOL LV rear shock

SRAM GX Eagle rear derailleur

SUNringlé Düroc SD37 Expert wheelset


The DEFT frame is an absolute feast for the eyes and is technically equipped with the latest refinements. With 170mm travel at the front and rear, we not only offer a thoroughbred E-Enduro, but also enormous reserves on the trail and thus ensure a lot of riding fun. The clean look is ensured by the cables and lines that are completely routed through the headset. It also has a block-lock function, which prevents consequential damage in the event of a fall. The wing-like cover, which connects the top and down tube, not only looks good, but is also an absolute technical highlight. Both the carbon main frame and the Trunnion shock mount provide a lot of stiffness and stability. As with the RENDER, the lower shock mount also provides part of the rocker, which gives the frame unique kinematics and particularly high rear end stability. The 750Wh large battery is integrated into the down tube by means of a cartridge, which ensures quiet riding and a wobble-free fit. The battery can be removed quickly and easily thanks to a rubberised cover that closes off the down tube. The battery can be charged without removing it via the charging socket on the seat tube. The rear derailleur is mounted on the new, manufacturer-independent standardised UDH hanger, and the speed sensor is elegantly integrated into the brake disc and chain stay, making the classic spoke magnet a thing of the past.


Mit dem RADON DEFT 10.0 750 2023 schickt der Online-Versender sein Bike fürs Grobe ins Rennen. Für einen Preis von 6.799 € bekommt man 170 mm Federweg und das Bosch Performance CX Smart System mit 750-Wh- Akku, verpackt in einen Carbon-Rahmen mit Alu-Hinterbau. Doch kann das DEFT auch abseits vom sehr guten Preis überzeugen?



Der stylische Hauptrahmen mit doppelter Verstrebung zwischen Ober- und Unterrohr, was die vordere Dämpferaufnahme bildet, wird aus Carbon gefertigt und mit einem Aluminiumhinterbau verknüpft. Vorne wie hinten rollt das Deft auf großen 29-Zoll-Laufrädern.


DEFT 8.0 im Praxistest / Mountainbike Sonderheft 02/2022

Mit dem DEFT führt der Bonner Versender ein, übersetzt, „flinkes“ E- Enduro mit 170-mm-Fahrwerk neu im Programm. Zum Test stand uns das Einstiegsmodell 8.0 mit Carbon-Hauptrahmen und Alu-Hinterbau zur Verfügung.



Bereits einige Tage vor der offiziellen Präsentation und Markteinführung hatten wir die Möglichkeit, das neue Radon Deft 9.0 zu testen. Wir konnten das langhubige E-Enduro auf unseren Hometrails und vertrauten Teststrecken bei Bad Kreuznach und Bamberg probefahren und haben uns einen ersten Eindruck verschaffen können.





*L'immissione si riferisce alla dimensione più piccola del telaio; pesato senza pedali.
**validità del contratto: 60 mesi (eventuali altre validità disponibili); tasso debitore (annuale) 4,8% vincolato per tutta la validità. Il tasso annuo effettivo globale è pari a 4,9%. Le spese di spedizione non sono comprese nell’esempio di finanziamento. Parte contraente è la TARGOBANK AG & Co. KGaA. A tal proposito si osservino anche le ulteriori informazioni relative al finanziamento.

Mit Hilfe unserer Grafik wollen wir Dir eine Empfehlung bei der Suche nach Deiner richtigen Rahmengröße geben. Neben Schrittlänge sowie Körpergröße spielt natürlich auch Dein persönlicher Fahrstil, Einsatzbereich sowie Vorliebe eine große Rolle. Wenn Du mit Deinen Angaben im Grenzbereich liegen solltest, kannst Du zwischen zwei Rahmenhöhen wählen: die kleinere Rahmengröße ist agiler/wendiger/verspielter, die nächstgrößere Rahmenhöhe laufruhiger/spurtreuer.

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Bikeparkbesuche, knackige Trails und Jumplines sind genau Dein Ding? Unsere Modelle aus der Kategorie „Freeride“ sind sehr vielseitig einsetzbar und eignen sich für ambitionierte Racer.

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