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We are proud of our bikes - and of the community that lives the RADON feeling every day. We want to carry this feeling even further onto the trails and roads of the world. This is where we need your support! Together with Experify we offer you the opportunity to present your bikes personally and to collect rewards. Get informed now and become part of the Experify community for RADON-Friends!

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As a thank you for showing your product and taking the time, you get rewarded with brand points each time you show your product to someone else. That gives you access to exclusive RADON rewards!

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Open map. Find an owner. Experience the product.

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Show your RADON

As a local, you give people who are interested in RADON BIKES the opportunity to test them on site and share your experience with you.
Your profile will be displayed on the RADON website and you will meet people who want to experience and see a real RADON bike live.

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