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Wichman takes podium at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes



Crankworx is the biggest freeride mountainbike world tour.

Last weekend the 2nd stop was held in Les Deux Alps France.

Joost Wichman of the Radon Factory Team competed in the Pumptrack Challenge.

After his win at Crankworx Rotorua NZ, earlier this year, expectations where high.

In qualifying Joost took the 2nd fastest time behind Frenchman Tomas Lemoine. 

During the finales Joost struggled a bit but managed to make it into the big finale over names like Mick Hannah and Eddie Masters.

In a thrilling atmosphere, Joost went of course in the first leg of the finale. In the 2nd leg Joost rebounded, but this wasn’t enough to make up the lost of the first leg.

Results: Crankworx L2A Pumptrack

1st Adrian Loron (Scott)


3rd Tomas Lemoine (Canyon)

With only 1 stop to  go, next month during Crankworx Whistler, Joost is leading the Crankworx Pumptrack world tour overall.


The Mega.. such a great race, but such a lottery at the same time.

Radon’s own James Shirley took part of this event for the 6th time, also team mechanic Miles gave it a shot this year.

Miles was unseeded and started at the back of his qualification group but he did well to cut through the pack and just managed to make it into the main event on Sunday. 

James was seeded on the front row for his qualification group and he made a good start too. He was jostling for first position at the top of the hill so a top 3 finish (which means a front row starting position for the real deal) would have been a realistic target until a rear puncture put an end to his chances of qualification. Thankfully the race organisers allowed him to take part in the main race but he would have to start on the 4th row... 

There was less snow than normal at the top of the hill which meant that there were big sections of exposed rocks and dangerous scree slope. James and Miles both did well to avoid the carnage at the start of the race but they still suffered badly in traffic on the narrow single track sections that were to follow. James had to settle for 41st position and Miles with a 148th place finish. Neither riders are satisfied with their results but the race was good physical training for the future...

Upcoming team events:

18th of July: Enduro World Series - Samoens FRA - James Shirley

18th of July: SRAM Specialized Series - Samerberg - Petrik Bruckner & Raphaela Richter


- Crankworx: @Plons Racing

- Mega: @Miles Mallinson


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