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Joost Wichman siegt beim UCI WC in Fort William

08.06.2015 - 08.06.2015

Team Fahrer Josst Wichman (NL) gewinnt die 4X Pro Tour auf der berühmten UCI Strecke in Fort William! Sein Kommentar nach dem Rennen:

“Fort William is special to all riders, it’s a classic, a race every rider wants to win. Next to winning the worlds, this is the race you want to win. The crowd is mental, the track is sick and the atmosphere is just amazing.

After winning the World Championships in 2013 and winning a Crankworx event this year, Fort William was the only thing left on my bucketlist.

I have been leading the Fort William finals several times, but some how always managed to f#ck it up, this year it looked like it would go into the same direction.

I took the holeshot, but somehow old dog Scott Beaumont passed me on the 2nd straight. I thought, this is not happening to me again. I got myself together and new I had a chance in the last turn to pass him. On the big 12 meter table I jumped next to him, and on de big triple a dived insight of Scott and pushed him wide into the last turn and managed to overtake him.

No I finally can say that I am a Fort William winner! It took me some time but it feels so good!

It felt very good being back on the 4X circuit, although the weather was bad, I was all smiles through the whole weekend. Think I used all the time during practice, notbeacuse I needed it for practice, but just because I wanted to ride my #Booster Radon bike J. Thank you 4X and thank you Fort Bill!”

Hier gibts das Higlight-Video vom Rennen - unbedingt anschauen.


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