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Grand theft @ "Radon Test-Days" in Stromberg


Last weekend our first “Radon Test Days” 2016  took place at Flowtrail Stromberg. All in all we had perfect testing conditions with good weather and happy customers. But at the second day we had to notice a severe theft of our test bikes:

12 high-quality Carbon Radon test bikes and 3 more guide and private bikes have been stolen out of an enclosed premise in the “Resort Stromberg” – the focus has been on high priced and premium bikes.

We are shaken to the core and are not sure of it we are able to continue our “Radon Test Days”. The methods of organized crime are more and more getting unapologetic. This makes it hard for us as event organizer to guarantee a secure locking of our bikes. Since several years all bike brands have to fight against organized crime.

Anyway we don’t want to give up events like our “Radon Test Days”. That’s why we ask you for your assistance.

Material witness:

Our complete test bike armada was stored and secured on Saturday the 9th of April 2016 at 6:30 pm in a back premise of the “Resort Stromberg”. On Sunday morning at 8:15 am (the 10th of April) we noticed that 15 bikes are missing. Someone broke in and entered through the back door. The police saved the marks and will also check the video surveillance.

After checking the material witness and inventory of our test bikes we have to notice following deprivation:

No.1: Black Sin 9.0 1x11, Size: 18“, Frame No. WOW001888CHAL

No.2: Black Sin 9.0 2x11, Size: 20“, Frame No.WOW00222CHAL

No.3: Slide Carbon 140 8.0, Size: 16“, Frame No.WOW 4162 LSKL

No.4: Slide Carbon 140 9.0, Size: 16“, Frame No.WOW 04123 LSHL

No.5: Slide Carbon 140 8.0, Size: 18“, Frame No.. WOW 00737 LSGL

No.6: Slide Carbon 140 9.0, Size: 18“, Frame No.WOW 06365 LSKL

No.7: Slide Carbon 140 8.0, Size: 20“, Frame No. WOW 02453 LSGL

No.8: Slide Carbon 140 9.0, Size: 22“, Frame No.WOW 06200 LSKL

No.9: Slide 150 27.5 9.0, Size: 20“, Frame No.WOW 02403 MSGL

No.10: Slide Carbon 160 8.0, Size: 18“, Frame No. WOW 06585 LSKl

No.11: Slide Carbon 160 9.0 HD, Size: 20“, Frame No.WOW 07792 LSLL

No.12: Slide Carbon 160 9.0, Size: 22“, Frame No.WOW 02765 LSHL

If you have noticed exceptional occurrences in the night of Saturday to Sunday at the „Resort Stromberg“, please contact us to solve this crime. If you will notice dubious offers in nearer future, please check the manufacturer’s serial number on the frame and compare it with our list above.

We’re looking for any relevant information – every single clue, which will helps us to locate the bikes (including thieves) will get a 5000,-€ reward.

Thank you for helping us!

Sincerely, your Radon Team 

Contact: or phone: +49 (0) 228 769 800 0




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