Important Information: Delivery delay & production stop!

Update due to the worldwide development of COVID-19.

As a bicycle company, we want to live up to our role model function, make an important contribution to the containment of the COVID-19 virus and ensure the safety of all people - from employees to customers. Unfortunately, the ongoing crisis situation is hitting us with all its force: customers have to reckon with extended delivery times of several weeks due to the high volume of parcels, planning for the coming model year is getting quite confused, and production of current model series has to be further reduced or completely shut down in the coming weeks. This is mainly due to the complex production chain: if an externally produced component is missing or if a supplier reports a delay, we will have to stop our production and will thus be in default. However, as the order volume is currently very high due to seasonal factors, available series are moving forward in production, are manufactured and shipped to you with corresponding processing and delivery times.

Unfortunately, this tense situation causes further delays for individual series. At the moment this concerns mainly the ZR TEAM, ZR LADY, SCART LIGHT and JEALOUS AL series. These series cannot be produced and delivered at the moment, an exact date regarding availability we can not yet predict.

We all want to stand together so that the Corona crisis passes as quickly as possible. We hope that you understand this exceptional situation and we would be as happy as you if everyone could soon ride his new bike with a good feeling. We will keep you informed!

Best regards

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