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Trekking Bikes

In the developing stage of the Radon Trekking Line we've always had in mind that these are the bikes that will have to stand up to the most variable demands of what's probably the biggest buyer segment on the bicycle market.

In times of rising energy cost and growing awareness for environmental concerns, the trekking market has become a growth engine, since trekking bikes are often the only bikes with a big enough range of uses to actually replace the car or public transport. But as the demand for trekking bikes rises, so do the demands to the bikes themselves.

Loads of glowing reviews and test victories in the bike press are testament to the fact that our trekking bikes series in particular seem to be meeting those demands: They are equipped with smooth running high-quality derailleurs. This, in contrast to pure city bikes with power consuming hub gears, makes them suitable for longer distance travel like your daily commute, the way to school or training. Anyone who is used to biking in autumn and winter will know how important a reliable lighting system is.That's why our trekking bikes are all equipped with hub dynamos and high-quality lights. Load-bearing capacity is also a factor in the design of the frame: Alloy thickness and tube diameters are so designed that you can schlep heavy loads on your pannier rack. Those racks are build to last, by the way. You'll find that any trunk bags are easy to fit to the rack. Hebie kickstands are fitted right at the dropout.
Everything taken care of, as you can see! A true bike of reason. A Radon trekking bike is always reliable in getting you from here to there, in any weather.