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E-bikes and pedelecs are one of the most recent trends in cycling. As energy costs are rising higher and higher, leaving the car at home and switching to a bike becomes more and more interesting. And this is when it comes to pedelecs. Pedelecs are bikes that assists the rider in pedalling with extra-power, provided by an electric engine. Beginning at only little assistance, up to the multiple power of the drivers' pedalling, modern systems can provide a fine adjustment. Climbing steep mountains has never been this easy! The rechargeable batteries provide power for riding up to approx. 150km straight. Pedelecs don't need extra license plates, nor do they need an extra insurance or is there an extra tax.


Why a pedelec? Three reasons for a Radon Hybrid

  • Useful in everyday life: The Hybrid provides a real alternative for the car for many daily purposes. Running small errands, driving to the office - without even sweating! A pedelec makes it possible to avoid rush hour traffic jams easily and as the Hybrid is a bike it's no problem to find free parking space in dense downtown areas.  
  • A whole new experience, and yet in the (green) spirit of today: The engine of the Hybrid only needs a small quantity of electricity. If in the future the car is staying in the garage more often, this will lead to reduce the emission of exhaust fumes. Also, the engine is working very quietly, even at full speed you will never hear more than a discreet humming. Your gain: a lot of fresh air and many new impressions.
  • Backup when you need it: If two partners are at a very uneven performance-level, a pedelec may help restoring the balance. With the support of the engine far away destinations come close. As the engine transforms electricity into pedalling power, even the steepest climbs won't frighten you off any more.