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Hardtails still have a huge following, not only among cross country racers. They are lighter, less delicate and more competitively priced. In very rough terrain however, they offer less reserves and grip to fall back on than a fully suspended bike with comparable equipment - so much for the hard facts.
But there's more to an unsuspended rear triangle: energy transmission without any loss of power, a distinct feeling of contact with the surface and immediate feedback as well as the fact that a rider's mistakes are less easily forgiven.
For many bikers, it is this pure and unadulterated feel they can't do without - a focus on the essential basics of mountain biking.
The range of Radon hardtails extends from the touring oriented ZR Team series to the more performance oriented ZR Race models and the race-optimized Black Sin series with its ultra lightweight carbon frame.
In 2012, we've extended our hardtail range to include not only our acclaimed ZR Lady hardtails, but we've also reanimated the popular ZR Kid beginners series. Our first excursion into the big wheels market has become an instant classic with our ZR Race 29er bikes.