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You're very welcome to ride our Swoop series enduro bikes a bit harder. Put 'em to work! Making you laugh like a special kid, out of pure adrenalin - that's all Freeride and DH bikes could possibly wish for. Where other fully suspended bikes are reaching their limit, these bikes are merely warming up.

At 175 up to 210 mm of suspension travel these bikes are made for heavy trail bombing, bumpy downhill passages and bike parks.
On steep declines, you're always in control thanks to an upright, compact seating position, extremely powerful disc brakes and fat 2.4" tyres. Heavy duty wide rimmed wheels will handle the highest stress levels.

Even if the Radon Swoop 175 bikes are slightly heavier than CC oriented full suspension bikes due to the need for extra firmness, they still must be suitable for uphills. Which is why we've fitted the Swoop 175 series with adjustable forks.

The Swoop 190 and 210 DH-bikes are focused on downhill performance. The agile handling of the Swoop 190 is optimized for technical tracks, the 210 for highspeed.